7th Cine de Alcantarilla fest has been delayed

Dear sewer rats,

The upcoming Cine de Alcantarilla fest will be delayed for a few months due to circumstances beyond our control. But don’t worry, we will continue working hard to bring you the best in the genre. As soon as we know any further details of the new date, we will let you know. Until then, the sewers will remain closed.

Thank you all for your support.

Pictures of the winners, special guests & 6th Cine de Alcantarilla festival

Go to archives, 6th Cine de Alcantarilla to find out everything that went on in our fest last January.

Winners of the 6th edition

Thank you so much to all the rats who showed up. It’s been a blast, as usual, to enjoy the festival with all of you there.

We also want to thank Diego López (El Buque Maldito), Julián (Deadsign), Juankar (ScreenWarriors) and all our friends and family for making the festival happen.

To Lucía Salanueva & David Ambit from Inside FX, Sam & Flora (Conflictivos) and Rafa Dengrá (Fantosfreak)… We absolutely loved that you were part of our fest. We hope to have you here back soon.

Our audience has voted and these are the short films awarded:

1st Audience Award

Tin&Tina (Rubin Stein, Spain)

2nd Audience Award

Angst, Piss and Drid (Fredrik S. Hana, Norway)

3rd Audience Award

La carne cruda (S. Lema, Spain)

Jury prize:

Angst, Piss and Drid (Fredrik S. Hana, Norway)

See you back at the sewers at the 7th edition of the fest next year!

Amazing Monsters N.10

This kick ass magazine is back at the sewers.

Toñito Blanco só, perdido e vicioso documentary

This documentary, “Toñito Blanco só, perdido e vicioso”, is a must-see for fans of the cult classic La matanza caníbal de los garrulos lisérgicos. It will be screened on January 24th.